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The 4 Pieces of Your 'Purpose Puzzle'

You'll discover the four essential pieces of your 'Purpose Puzzle' that lead you to your inspired professional path and purpose.
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Find Your Zone of Genius
Learn how to live and work in your unique Zone of Genius where your work feels meaningful, fulfilling, and enjoyable!
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Find Your Path and Purpose

You'll be led through practical steps and reflective exercises to help you find the vocation that allows you to unleash your unique gifts and to make great money, doing what you love.

These are the exact steps that helped me to find my path and purpose when I quit my corporate career of 15 years back in 2012.

Don't stay stuck and lost as long as I did!

Learn from my experience and find your clarity now.

Meet Kate De Jong - Fempire Coach

Kate De Jong is an expert Fempire Coach, blogger and inspirer who knows what it feels like to be lost and rudderless. When she finally quit her corporate consulting engineering career after nearly fifteen years, back in 2012, she had no idea what she wanted to do next. All she knew was that was tired of feeling stuck and unhappy, and she would do anything to find her inspired path and purpose.
She went on a journey of deep self-discovery and spent years researching the art of finding a meaningful vocation. She shares everything she learned on her journey in this value-packed E-Book - for FREE!
Kate now spends her days helping other women to find their purpose and to turn it into their own business (if that's the path that's right for them!) - because entrepreneurship was her path to freedom and fulfilment and she wants others to experience the joy that she does in doing things on her own terms. Kate believes that you too can make a difference, doing what you love.


Here's what people have been saying...

Ivy Landsman-slevin | Entrepreneur, New York City

For those of you who yearn to live your real passion, if you read nothing else I recommend, this is it. Written with love and possibility, but with two feet on the ground. Kate asks simple but thought provoking questions to identify what it is that will make you want to jump out of bed in the morning. She then offers tangible steps and information to map out a realistic strategy to actually start out on the path, and create momentum, using PRACTICAL MAGIC, not just wishing and hoping and being "positive".

There is so much more, and my words can't do this piece justice.

Absolutely awesome. Thank you Kate, wow! I hope you feel my awe all the way down under. Thank you for this unbelievably inspiring work.


Francesa Visione | Urban Designer, Italy

I am so glad I found Kate's work! She is committed, passionate and knowledgeable. Before working with her I felt stuck and demotivated.

Thanks to her experienced guidance I have been able to finally identify the missing pieces of the puzzle and to visualise a clear series of actions to move forward. I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with the result.


Anna Stibbs | Performance Coach, Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed Pathfinding. I learned so much about myself and found real clarity in what is important to me and my career going forward.

What I really loved about the book and her subsequent Pathfinding program is the holistic approach to identifying the ideal career path for me. The insightful exercises really peel off the layers and helped me to understand what I am truly passionate about, what makes me uniquely me, and how I can give back to the world.

Kate has a wealth of business and personal experience to provide great guidance in a very supportive way. She is passionate about helping others and this passion is infectious and inspiring. I feel I have not only found a wonderful, smart, and compassionate coach but also a great friend.


Melissa Marinelli | Researcher, Educator, Career Strategist

Kate's resources have helped me by validating many thoughts and inklings that I had previously had regarding my professional path. I feel like I have been given permission to act on them now, rather than skulking in the fringes, thinking about the possibilities but being unsure about what to pursue and how to make things happen.

Kate's content is well researched and coherent, and her approach to helping people find their professional path is unique! Her E-Books are beautifully written and presented, and stuffed full of such useful information.

I really enjoyed the unique multi-focus approach – rather than just ‘find your passion’ or ‘do what you love’ (which seems to be a catch-cry of many programs), her program acknowledges the importance of aligning this with your unique strengths, and a deep understanding of who you actually are – and then using this to meet the needs of others. I am excited to get on with making some plans and bringing them to life!



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